The Facilities

Sky Room

The Sky Room is the main lecture room of Advimago and can be arranged in different layouts and be opened almost entirely when weather allows for it.

Computer Room

The fully organized computer room has 10 powerful touchscreen all-in-one MSI computers, and contain plenty of software to learn digital diagnostics and virtual planning.

The Digital Clinic

Advimago’s Clinic is organized to show the digital workflow from beginning to the end, with 2D and 3D imaging, planning, printing and milling devices. The Live surgery space can be followed by trainees from the top of the glass ceiling above the clinic.

Interactive Wine Tasting

This room contains an interactive 65 inch table which is used for showing interactive information while discussing this over a glass.

VR Room

The VR room is equipped with the HTC Vive wireless technology and is a realist way of immersing oneself into the operating room.