CBCT, Digital Dentistry and the Virtual Patient

vendredi, 7 Juin 2024
– samedi, 8 Juin 2024

09:00 – 12:30

CBCT, Digital Dentistry and the Virtual Patient

The introduction of CBCT in dentistry has completely changed the diagnosis and planning of dental treatments. Digital dentistry with a simplified digital workflow offers many advantages for the patient and dentist, and 3D CBCT imaging plays a crucial role due to its low dose and excellent resolution. Nevertheless, one has to be careful with this type of imaging and a good handling and interpretation of these images is absolutely necessary in order to be able to plan treatments in a virtual environment. Especially in implantology, 3D planning has already taken a central place in the dental practice with the evolution and focus on the transfer of this planning to the operative site by means of guided surgery.

This workshop familiarises dentists to the applications of CBCT and its role in digital dentistry, virtual planning and guided surgery (with slight focus on implantology) by means of computer hands-on:

  • 3D Diagnosis in implantology, endo and ortho
  • 3D image analysis, software tools, basic interpretation (+computer hands-on)
  • Introduction to the Virtual Patient and Digital Dentistry workflows
  • The virtual patient in implantology
  • The role of digital impressions
  • Indications of guided surgery and pitfalls
  • Implant planning exercises
  • Transfer of planning by means of guided surgery using digital impressions

! This course is valid as MODULE 5, of the certification programme for CBCT (5days), recognized but he FANC/AFCN

08u30-09u00 Welcome, coffee, introduction
09u00-10u30 Round table Discussion : difficulties in CBCT diagnosis
Hands-on practical exercises : software tools for 3D analysis, CBCT diagnostic cases (DTX Clinic)
10u30-10u45 Coffee Break
10u45-12u30 CBCT Analyses: pitfalls and attention points in endo, ortho and implantology
Hands-on practical exercises : analyses of complex cases and full rehabilitation (DTX clinic)
12u30-13u30 Lunch
13u30-15u00 The Virtual Patient: combining optical imaging

Types of guided surgery: pitfalls and attention points

Practical exercises of Advanced Analysis tools (DTX Clinic)

Hands-on impression-taking

15u00-15u15 Coffee Break
15u15-16u15 Planning of a partially edentulous case: 3D implant planning software tools
Hands-on Practical exercises (DTX Implant introduction)
16u15-16u30 Conclusions
08u30-09u00 Welcome, coffee, introduction
09u00-10u30 Transfer of virtual planning to the operation field
Hands-on practical exercises : implant planning and guide creation (DTX Implant)
10u30-10u45 Coffee Break
10u45-12u30 Attention points in digital impressions, ergonomics and 3D facial scanning
3D impressions and facial scans: what to expect? Impression comparison and follow-up (DTX Clinic)
12u30-13u30 Lunch
Speaker: Dr Bart Vandenberghe
Language: English (with French-Dutch Support)
Date: Friday and Saturday 07-08 June 2024 (9.00-17.00 and from 9am to 12.30)
Price: 1695 euro – breakfast, lunch, diners, activities included (package 06-11 June)
Payment: Payment on account BE78 645101816386, communication NAME + DATE

(e-mail for info:

Accreditation: 50 UA – domain 1 + 3 + 6 + 7 (this course counts as part of the CBCT certification programme (5dayss), recognized by the FANC/AFCN)
Lieu: Villa Seagulls View, 180 20 Galatas, Trizinia, Greece

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