Services for Clinicians

Advimago Imaging Center provides dentists and doctors with high quality examinations, performed by an experienced staff, who take the time to listen to the patient and doctor‘s needs. An online, secured access to the images is given to the referring clinician, in order to view the images in a dedicated software platform, immediately after the patient’s visit.

A secured storage space is also provided for data management. Afterwards, elaborate diagnostic reports are sent to the dentist or doctor, time will vary depending on the urgency of the case. A planning and 3D printing service is also available upon request.

All examinations require a request form from the clinician, which can be obtained through the contact page.
Please indicate the necessary clinical information on the form.

  • Intra-oral x-rays
    • peri-apical
    • bite-wing
  • Panoramic radiographs
  • Skull projections
    • Lateral Ceph
    • Postero-anterior
  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT):
    • small field-of-view
    • medium field-of-view
    • large field-of-view (TMJ, sinus,..)
    • with or without guide
  • digital impressions  
    • for surgical guides
    • for orthodontic appliances (e.g. Invisalign,…)
    • for restaurative (implants, preparations,..)

All requested examinations are complemented with a written report.

Clinicians can also request an elaborate report on an existing examination. After sending us the data, we will analyse the x-rays and return a digital report, invoiced to the clinician.

  • implant planning (DTX Implant, Simplant, coDiagnostiX)
  • implant planning + 3D printed guided
  • other surgical plannings (endodontic, mini-implant, corticotomy,…) + guides