All rooms can be rented individually or in any combination. Rentals can be organized by the hour, half day or full days. Rooms are listed by their maximum capacity but special requests can be discussed when contacting us.

Included in all rentals is

  • Wi-Fi for all participants
  • water, coffee and tea during the entire rental

Sky Room

This room is the main meeting or event room of Pixelles in the Cloud and can be arranged in different layouts. It is adjacent to a fully equipped kitchen which can be hidden or used for catering or worhshops and show cooking.

Professional Kitchen

Fully equipped kitchen at disposal for coffee and tea, but can be combined with your rental for catering and cooking events.

Interactive Wine Tasting Room

The interactive 65 inch table can be used for demonstration of plans or other interactive information while discussing this over a glass.

Computer Room

The fully organized computer room has 10 powerful touchscreen all-in-one MSI computers, working on windows 10 with 16GB memory, and can be rented for software or other computer courses. A large interactive display is also present in this room.

VR Room

The VR room is equipped with the HTC Vive wireless technology for those who need to use virtual environments in their meetings.

Digital Clinic

Live surgeries can be easily organized in the clinic, since cameras connect the operating room with the upper level (glass floor) containing a large display. Both rooms are connected with audio and speakers to interact when needed.